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what is Sportsbook Manager?
SM StatShark Sportsbook Manager

Mobile access to all of your sports betting needs, in one place.

Sportsbook Manager tools incude:

  • Top betting picks for spreads and over unders.
  • Current available odds.
  • Team vs. team analytics.
  • Data visualization.
  • Real time bet tracking.
  • Full third party sportsbook integration and automation coming soon...

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The only end-to-end sports wagering package available.
  • The Most Predictive Analytics Available

    • StatShark predictions are built from the ground up by assigning point vales to each skill (i.e., assist, steals, defensive rebounds, etc.).
    • Each player’s points, for each skill, are aggregated for each team to provide a unique, comprehensive team vs. team level comparison.
    • All this data is then run through our proprietary data analytics engine to provide the most insightful, predictive and actionable information available.

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  • Top Betting Recommendations

    • Using the method described in our Predictive Analytics section, we use the resulting data and a series of proprietary regressions and algorithms to produce top quality betting recommendations.
    • StatShark will soon being joining forces with other, known, top pundits to provide you the ability to combine any number of your favorite analysts.

  • Track Your Bets

    • Get real time updates for each of your bets on your phone.
    • Use your free simulated account test your betting strategies.
    • Soon to come, full integration and automation with all of your sportsbooks, allowing you the ability to place your bets with just one tap of the screen.

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  • power bettor
  • Bet Sync

    • Sync your sportsbooks
    • Secure the best odds available to from one interface
    • Own your data! No more difficult sportsbook history screens, all your betting history in one place!
    • Ability to Place Skills Based Wagers in 40+ states
    • Introduction of Peer-to-Peer Betting​

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