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what's included in the Daily fantasy suite
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Pick your favorite players and we’ll run the millions of potential combinations providing you only the best lineups from your chosen players.

  • Automated lineup uploads directly to the top clearinghouses, no need to deal with .csv file exports and imports.
  • Player vs. Player performance charting.
  • The best predictive data available.
  • Proprietary lineup optimization process.

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DFSX StatShark DFS Expert desktop icon

Play at the level of the sharks. The most comprehensive and powerful analytical capabilities available.

  • Run in three modes ranging from Full Auto to Expert.
  • Data visualization.
  • Head to head comparisons.
  • Full player history available with just one click.
  • Set and save different versions of player filter, auto culling, optimization and lineup filter settings.
  • Chose your favorite group of settings and run them automatically in our Full Auto mode.
  • Full automated clearinghouse uploads, no need to deal with .csv file exports and imports.

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The best DFS analytics in the industry!
  • Maximize your DFS lineups with our best in the industry DFS analytics!

    Using StatShark DFS Mobile you simply pick your favorite players, and we build you the best possible lineups based upon your picks. With StatShark DFS Expert you can perform deep-dive analytics or simply customize the optimization parameters and upload your lineups with just a couple clicks!.

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  • Visualize Head-to-Head Comparisons

    Want to see how one player's skills stack-up against another's?. Want to know how each player scores points? Who is better on defense and who is better on offense?. Want to know who performs better in various metrics compared to their salary?. We have the tools to let you do all that and more...

  • Process Millions of Player Combinations to get The Best Lineups

    Our optimizer runs through millions of potential combinations to find you the top lineups. In basketball, choosing just 10 top players for each position gives you 656 million potential combinations. Our optimizer will, within seconds, give you the best possible combinations of the players you pick.

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  • Instantly Calculate Performance Probabilities Between Players

    Having good projections is one thing. Having faith in those projections is something else. The StatShark Probabilities Engine runs 10s of 1000s of simulations for each player, taking into account not only their median performance, but also the variability in their performance. After each simulation, every player is ranked against the other players. After 10,000 comparisons, we give you each players probability for being the top performer in any number of metrics. We do the math, so you don't have to.

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